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"...the sharpest criticism often goes hand in hand with the deepest idealism and love of country."                                                                                                                                              Robert F. Kennedy
New York Nurses United Right Now:
  • National "Union" Affiliation
Our union has created and affiliated with a national nurses' federation along with five other state nurses' associations.  Our dues financed the creation and promotion of this national structure.

Most concerning is that in taking this action, our organization aligned itself with states that are opposed to legislation that would establish maximum patient assignment limits for RN's nationally. 

The federation's constitution was written and its officers were self-appointed, all without the knowledge or consent of the membership.  Yet, our leadership claims this new organization to value democracy, inclusiveness, and transparency as its guiding principles!

Let the leadership know that such top-down actions are not acceptable!
We need a strong national union built by the members from the ground up.  The membership must set the direction and policies of the union in order for it to succeed.
  • Current Workforce, Labor and Nursing News
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  • AFL-CIO Letter to the Disaffiliated State Nurses Associations
When our union disaffiliated from the United American Nurses (UAN), we also lost our membership in the AFL-CIO.   In an attempt to reunite these nurses associations with the UAN, the AFL-CIO facilitated formal mediation between the parties. 
To view a copy of the letter from the AFL-CIO sent to the state nurses associations' leadership at the completion of the mediated sessions, click here.
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Three major nurses unions unite in AFL-CIO
Union Democracy Review #177, January-February 2009, Association for Union Democracy
  • See the LM-1 and Constitution of the New National Federation Here
Members have requested to see the new national's constitution.  (Our state union provided a copy to Congress attendees only AFTER they voted on the issue.)  When an organization's constitution is filed with the Department of Labor, it becomes public information.  You can download a copy of the constitution and the federation's LM-1 by clicking on this link: FN Constitution 2009

Or have the information mailed to you without charge (like we did) by going to the link below:
Order copies of the LM-1 and constitution by clicking on the link near the bottom of the page.  Enter file number 544026 on the next page and click the search button.  Check the boxes for the LM-1 and constitution and add them to your cart.  Continue as prompted to process your request.
...And Justice For All
Our pages contain information and ideas on building strength within our nursing organization based on principles of democracy and member-driven unionism.  Our purpose in creating this site is to generate discussion and facilitate communication among the membership.  We hope you will join our confidential discussion board or contact us with your questions, comments and ideas.
  • New to Single Payer Healthcare?
Get a crash course from Physicians for a National Health Program.
  • Staffing Ratio Legislation
Inadequate RN staffing levels prevent nurses from providing safe, effective, quality care to patients, result in increased healthcare costs and worsen the nursing shortage.  Legislation has been introduced which would mandate the maximum number of patients assigned to an RN.  Ask your assembly member and state senator  to cosponsor the "safe staffing for quality care act", bill numbers A2264 or S3843, and to help get the bills reported out from the health committees. 
See a summary of the legislation and a list of the cosponsors here:  Assembly Bill A2264    Senate Bill S3843
Get contact information for your legislators by entering your zip code on this site:  My elected officials
  • New LM-2
See our union's 2009 financial disclosure statement (LM-2).  Download a copy here  (very large file) or go to the Financial Info Page  for directions on how to access this information.
  • It's the Law in New York - No Mandatory Overtime for Nurses!
Know your rights under the new law and how to enforce them.  Go to the Mandatory Overtime Page by Clicking Here.
  • Mandatory Flu Vaccination Requirements for NYS Health Care Workers Suspended- for now!
New York Nurses United upholds the right to self-determination of all patients as a standard of care in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Nurses and stands in opposition to mandatory influenza immunization.
Information and resources are available on the Flu Vaccination Page - Click Here.
  • Voting Body "Postpones" Consideration of  Bylaw Amendments at 2009 Convention
Bylaw amendments were proposed to build greater democracy, member control and accountability in our organization.  Although these amendments would have formalized long held principles and practices which have attracted many members to our organization, they were cast as being "harmful".  Read the proposed changes here
  • Healthcare Reform: Where do we go from here? 
Rose Ann DeMoro writes a critique from a single payer perspective: click for Diary of a Wimpy Health Care Bill

"At the Labor Campaign for Single Payer's National Meeting in early March, we came to the conclusion that, in the end, the debate between those who maintain that the current legislation is "better than nothing" versus those who believe it will "make things worse" will lead us nowhere.  What is important now is to make sure that this incredible movement that has arisen to fight for the right to healthcare for all in America continues beyond this moment.   While it will take some time to sort out all of the meanings and consequences of the passage of this legislation, certain things are already quite clear:

Real reform is possible.  As many predicted, opposition to the moderate package of legislative reforms was just as implacable, vicious and ideological as opposition to Medicare-for-All.  Compromise gained no new ground for the compromisers.  In the end, firm presidential and congressional leadership, bucked up by the labor movement and other allies, prevailed.  We can also prevail against the same enemies.

We've already won the battle of ideas.  During the two-year debate preceding this week's votes, single payer Medicare-for-All emerged as the gold standard against which all other reforms were measured.  There is no longer any credible dispute over the fact that Medicare-for-All is the most cost-effective and just way to provide quality healthcare for all in America. The expectation that healthcare should be a basic right has been established as has the principle that it must be progressively financed."
  • National Federation Files Financial Report
The national "union" that our state union management had a major role in creating has filed its first financial statement with the Department of Labor.  Click on this link to view the report: FN LM2 2009

What does this new national federation do exactly?  Is this really a national union?  What do they do with our money?  The financial document leads to more questions than it answers. 

The address listed on the document is the address of our state union, there are no employees listed, the person who completed the form works for our state union, their only assets other than cash are promotional items and one computer. The only person that was paid a salary during this period was the president.
"I think the truth about this bill’s passage can be more easily measured by looking at some of the patient stories featured in Michael Moore’s documentary, SiCKO, about the healthcare system and seeing how those patients would do under the new law of the land (the Dem’s view) as opposed to how they did and are doing under the current system (the Repub’s preference)."  While the video below was produced before the bill was passed, its conclusion remains unchanged.  Watch it and see whether any of these patients would have been helped under the new heathcare insurance legislation.
  • Financial Report Filed
Our union has filed its 2010 financial disclosure statement or LM-2 report.  On the 2009 LM-2, our union called itself a national union.  With this latest filing, we seem to have returned to being a state affiliate, under a new name.  Download a copy of the 2010 NYSNA LM-2 by clicking here.
Statewide Election for the Board of Directors is coming this summer!  Be sure to visit  and be sure to vote!
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