Financial information: The Union's LM-2 Report
New York Nurses United
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Unions covered by the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), must file copies of their constitutions and bylaws, and financial reports, called "LM-2," "LM-3" or "LM-4" forms (depending on the case) with the US Department of Labor.  These documents are available to the public. 

The LM statements give you information about salaries and expenses, union loans, expenditures, assets and investments.  Copies of the documents filed with the Department of Labor are public information and may be obtained from the local DOL office or online from the DOL website.  Members can access this information to understand how dues are spent and to better participate in setting the strategies, direction and goals of the union.
Here's how to find the LM-2 reports for our union:
1. Go to this page (this link opens in a new window):

2. In the first box, "File Number", enter the number 038-970

3. Click "Submit"

4. Click on "2009 Report" under the column labeled "Fiscal Year" to see the most current complete report.

5. You can also select specific reports from this screen by checking the box under the column labeled "Select" and then checking which specific report you would like to view such as assets or membership.

6. To see previous years reports and the unions bylaws, click on the name of the union under the column labeled "Affiliation/Organization Name."  A new page will load listing the previous years reports.  Click on the "Fiscal Year" that you want to view.   Go farther down the page to "Attachments" to select the bylaws and view them.

7. The reports can be printed, downloaded and saved.  Note that the files are very large.

8. You can follow the steps above to view the LM-2 for the national organization.  That file number is: 000-233

9. You can also view additional unions using the link above and going to the "union name" field or box farther down the page (a drop down menu appears) or typing in the "Affiliation/Organization" field- all the fields in a search don't need to be filled out but adding the city and state helps.

10. You can also search for unions by officer and employee names from this link:
Again, you do not have to fill out all the fields or boxes in order to do the search.